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Python Applications in Mechanical Engineering Journey

Journey Overview

This comprehensive journey delves into the practical applications of Python programming in mechanical engineering. Covering a wide range of topics from basic concepts to advanced programs, you will learn how to apply Python in mechanics, machine design, mechanical vibrations, fluid mechanics, thermal science, heat problems, engineering mathematics, and more. Gain a strong foundation in Python programming, explore various libraries, and acquire the skills to solve complex engineering problems using Python. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, this journey is designed to enhance your knowledge and proficiency in Python programming within the mechanical engineering domain.


– Understanding of concepts in mechanical engineering

– No prior programming knowledge is needed

Target Audience

– Mechanical engineers seeking to leverage Python for data analysis, simulation, and automation

– Engineering students interested in applying Python in mechanical engineering projects

– Professionals in the field of mechanical engineering looking to enhance their programming skills


  – Introduction to Journey and Curriculum

  – Why Python?

  – Environment Installation

  – Basics of Python syntax and data types

  – Variables, operators, and control structures

  – Input/output operations, loops, and basic functions

  – NumPy: Numerical computing with arrays and matrices

  – Pandas: Data manipulation and analysis

  – Matplotlib: Data visualization and plotting

  – SciPy: Scientific computing and optimization

  – Other relevant libraries (e.g., SymPy for symbolic computation)

  – Projectile Motion

  – Von Misses Failure Theory Plot

  – Analysis of Beams – Shear force and Bending Moment Diagrams

  – Analysis of Beams SFD and BMD – Part-2

  – Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms

  – Use of Python Script in Design and Simulation Software

  – Fatigue Criteria

  – Plot the Shear Force Diagram and Bending Moment Diagram of the beam

  – Solving Ordinary Differential Equation with Scipy ODEINT

  – Analyze the simple spring-mass system with Python

  – Single Degree freedom of System with SciPy ODEINT

  – Plot the frequency response of the spring-mass system

  – Natural Frequency Calculation – Eigen Value Problem

  – Frequency response of Multi Degree Freedom System

  – Plot and visualize the streamlines of the fluid flow

  – Analyze the Diesel Cycle with Python Program

  – One-Dimensional Heat Equation with Animated Plot

  – Temperature Distribution – 2D Heat Transfer Problem

  – Flow Over Cylinder – Stream Line Plot

  – Flow Over Cylinder: Pressure Distribution

  – Newton Raphson Method

  – Finding Minima of the Function: SciPy Library

  – Solve Linear Programming Problem – LPP

  – Symbolic Mathematics with Sympy Library

  – Reading the data from the file and plotting the data

  – Data Filter Application

  – Fast Fourier Transform (FFT pack)

  – Animating the Kinematic Mechanism – Pendulum Animation

Course Duration: 36h
Course Level:Intermediate
Categories Development, Python

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