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SolidWorks for 3D Printing – Level 1

Journey Overview

This comprehensive journey in SolidWorks is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge. It starts by introducing basic concepts such as navigation tools, setting units, and creating simple sketches. From there, you will use part modeling tools to create 3D parts, from simple to complex designs. The journey focuses on practical, real-world applications and provides numerous examples to reinforce each concept. Specifically, it covers the part modeling, assembly, and drawing sections of SolidWorks, equipping you with the skills necessary to excel in your field.


– No prior experience is needed

– Proficiency in computer usage

– Willingness to learn powerful design software like SolidWorks

Target Audience

– Product designers

– Engineers

– Manufacturing professionals

– Individuals interested in mastering additive manufacturing concepts and techniques

– Those looking to start a business in delivering 3D printing services


– Introduction to Journey and Curriculum

– Definition and history of additive manufacturing

– Comparison with traditional manufacturing processes

– Overview of 3D printing technologies

– Why SolidWorks? & Installation

– User Interface Overview

– Navigation tools

– View and visual style

– Setting Units

– Sketch basics

– Making lines, circles, arcs, and rectangles

– Sketch relations

– Adding dimensions

– Modifying dimensions

– Polygon slot and point

– Working with splines

– Ellipse and Parabola

– Practice exercise

– Sketching Quiz

– Fillet and chamfer

– Trim and extend

– Sketch Offset

– Adding Text

– Linear and circular sketch pattern

– Mirror, Move, and Copy

– Rotate, Scale, and Stretch

– Practice exercise

– Modifying sketches Quiz

– Basic extruded boss base feature

– Direction in the boss base feature

– Extruded cut feature

– Feature scope

– Working with basic fillets

– Advance fillet options

– FilletXpert option

– Adding chamfers

– Making revolved features

– Practice exercise

– Basic Part Modeling Quiz

– Linear pattern

– Circular Pattern

– Vary sketch and Geometry Pattern

– Understanding features and bodies

– Using a combined tool

– Mirroring solids

– Sketch-driven pattern

– Fill Pattern

– Table-driven pattern

– Variable pattern

– Practice exercise

– 3D Patterns Quiz

– Simple sweep

– Sweep options

– Sweep with the selection manager

– Sweep with a guide curve

– Multiple guide curves

– Sweeping along the 3D path

– Sweep cut

– Practice exercise

– Using Sweep feature Quiz

– Understanding splines

– Making 3D sketches

– Surface Spline and Fit Spline

– Helix and spiral

– Sketch picture

– Project curve

– Composite curves

– Intersection curve

– Convert Entities

– Derived sketch

– Split line

– Conics

– Practice exercise

– Splines, Curves, and Conics Quiz

– Introduction to loft

– Loft with centerline

– Split entities and segment sketch

– Loft options

– Loft with a guide curve

– Face loft

– Boundary Feature

– Lofted and boundary cut

– Practice exercise

– Boundary feature and lofting Quiz

– Shell feature

– Rib feature

– Delete face

– Move face

– Replace face

– Intersect feature

– Wrap feature

– Dome feature

– Indent feature

– Practice exercise

– Solid-body features Quiz

Course Duration: 27h
Course Level:Beginner
Categories 3d Printing

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